martes, 21 de febrero de 2017




Todavía estáis a tiempo de enviarme una redacción como las que han hecho Paqui y Susi. Habladme de vuestras últimas vacaciones. Podéis inventar un viaje paradisíaco. No sé si Paqui y Susi han ido realmente a estos sitios, pero si es así, han tenido que disfrutar muchísimo. 



I spent my last vacation in Tenerife.  At the airport, we took a taxi to the city center and went shopping. The driver was a middle-aged man. He was good-looking, quite tall and his hair was brown. When we arrived, we saw many shops. In front of the sports shop there was a place where they usually sell sport material, so we bought sport shoes.

Next to a stationery shop there was a place where there were books. We bought many books, too. Opposite there was a flower where we bought pink flowers for my mother.

On the top floor of the mall there were restaurants. We ate nice food but I can´t stand eating spicy food.

We took a different taxi to go to the beach. We practiced surf for 2 hours.

Some days after, we returned to Madrid by train.



In this essay, I´m going to talk about my last holidays.
Last summer was one of the greatest holidays of my life, because I went to Bahamas Hotel Atlantis Paradise.

This place is situated between Florida and Cuba. It is an Island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The water of the Pacific Ocean is much calmer than other oceans and it is cleaner too. You can see many fish of many different colors and they are swimming very close to you. Besides I saw Dolphins, Rays and the terrible and dangerous Sharks!. The sand on this beach is as white as milk. I loved reading my book on the beach. It had so much silence that I could hear my own thoughts.

The Hotel was near the beach. So I only had to walk two steps. When I left my room, I went to the restaurant and there I had breakfast: toast with butter, fruits (pineapple, cantaloupe, water-melon, orange juice) bacon and eggs and so on. Then I went to the newsagent´s. It was opposite the restaurant. I bought a newspaper or some magazine. And the other I didn´t read it because I was always very busy doing different activities, for instance: snorkeling, paddle surf, horse riding, etc. It was very funny.
The hotel had all kind of shops: jewelry, hairdresser´s, sports shops, even a department store. It was bigger than a city.

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. It is on another island called New Providence.  It´s a little and lively city, where I ate and drank like a typical person from there (like a local citizen). I didn´t dance better than them but at least, I tried. In this place, there are remains of a city (they say it was the fabulous Atlantic city)

It was the best vacation I have ever had.