viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017

Sesión del viernes 10 de marzo

PODÉIS MANDARME VUESTRAS COMPOSICIONES SOBRE: UNA NOCHE DE DISFRACES, CON VUESTRA FOTO. Os la enviaré corregida y será divertido ver nuestro lado "Halloween" o "Carnival"


In this essay, I´m going to talk about a party I went last Saturday.
The Party was in a restaurant where we had to put on a costume. My husband and I chose to dress up as Hindu and honestly, we went very original. I wore a red and Golden dress called Sary and my husband wore a typical hindu clothing   called Kurta or Panyabi. These clothes were quite comfortable; besides it was a kind of very beautiful clothing. Everybody said we looked amazing!! And that they liked our clothes.
Then we had dinner, although I didn´t eat  because I was singing and dancing all the time. A music band played while we had dinner so it was very difficult to be sitting. Everybody sang together. I was having a good time.
Finally, there was a costume competition and some children won.  They wore a popular chef costume…it was Alberto Chicote´s. They were 3 brothers, who were four, five and seven years old. But they couldn’t take the prize because they went to bed early.
The other costumes were all of kind…pirates, medieval gentlemen, clowns, policemen, flight attendants, Vikings..and so on.
Not only was the party extremely funny, but it also was extremely long.

Halloween night

In this essay, I am going to talk about my Halloween night.
We went, all of  my friends together, to a rural house, called the great-grandmother. It was in Segovia, it was terrifying, the stairs made sounds like creaking, the lamps were lit and they turned off by themselves.
There was a locked room, from where there were noises.To frighten my friends, I dressed like a great-grandmother.
When everyone was asleep, I started to move a rocking chair, my friends began to feel scared and did not want to check where the noise came from.
After half an hour, I began to panic too.
 I thought my last friend  would know me, but he was so scared that he left the room quickly.
In the end  we all laughed  our heads off and we all disguised ourselves.

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